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About Stephen Napier

Associate professor of Philosophy, Villanova University

I am a philosopher who ruminates upon bioethical and epistemological issues. More important than my views or area of study is my basic conviction about inquiry: Knowledge is a function of cultivating alethic epistemic motives.

Tea Pot

In this section you will find numerous compositions that extend the arguments outlined in Uncertain Bioethics.

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Precis of Uncertain Bioethics - Extended

This is an extended summation of the argument and its context as discussed in my Uncertain Bioethics

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On Constitutional Views

This is an assessment of Constitutional Views on personhood and supplements chapter 4.

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Justification and the Underdetermination of no-person arguments

This is a copy of an article I published in the American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly in 2015. 

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Vulnerable embryos: Natural loss, and rescue cases

This is an article that addresses numerous arguments concerning the moral status of human embryos. 

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Consent and its Hurdles

This is a piece that addresses the empirical evidence for how and why consent is hard to achieve in research settings

Presentation: Abortion Day 1

This presentation is the first of a 3-series presentations that addresses arguments for and against the permissibility of direct abortions

Presentation: the Unity Argument 

This is a PowerPoint presentation that explains what I refer to as the Unity argument - the problem of too many thinkers

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Virtue Epistemology

In this section you will find numerous works either in support of my earlier work, Virtue Epistemology: Motivation and knowledge, or works related to virtue epistemology in some way or other. 

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Virtue Epistemology

This is an introduction to my book

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Reply to Baehr and Gowans

This is a reply to the critical evaluations of this work by Jason Baehr and Christopher Gowans.

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Wisdom and Sensitivity

This is a paper which makes some observations about the issue of defining wisdom.

Philosophy of Religion

Lecture notes or Articles

Evil and Expanded versions of Theism


The evidential problem of evil responds to skeptical theism by charging that skeptical theism must presuppose an expended version of theism (whole religious outlooks) and therefore, the apriori probability is so low on expanded views as to be inert. I respond to this argument

Divine Hiddenness


This is chapter 7 of my Virtue Epistemology which addresses the Divine hiddenness argument.  

Evolutionary argument against naturalism

Lecture notes

These are my lecture notes on Alvin Plantinga's EAAN


Lecture notes

These are lecture notes where I defend Daniel Bonevac's argument for theism based on the Resurrection.


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